Draft Story Outline for Valerie

Valerie’s story is basically an ironic good vs evil story. She has been a serial killer for a while now. She uses her skills in illusion and sleight of hand to make her crimes seem like accidents. She is still working as an assistant while she saves up and develops her own show. She uses killing people as an outlet for her own anger from feeling stifled and put down by her boss. The animation begins with shots of new magic show posters in the street. There are also posters for missing people alongside them. Scene cuts to the magic show. As Valerie is the assistant, she picks people from the audience who make silly remarks during the show, or try hitting on her etc. and brings them onto the stage. She uses very subtle means of killing them like poison for example.
This has been happening for a while and the police have noticed that the people go missing or end up dead after attending the magic show. Morgan the magician is the antagonist. He insults and puts down Valerie both on and off stage, belittling her. The police infiltrate the audience of the show one night. Valerie does her usual thing by subtley killing a member of the audience. She loses her cool backstage after a particularly horrible interaction and resolves on this being her last night of performance and plans on killing Morgan in the finale by putting a real bullet in the gun for the bullet catch trick and shooting him outright.
The police rush in and it is staged so that Valerie thinks she has been found out about her earlier killing but at the last second when police draw level with her, they rush past and tell Morgan to put down his gun. He attempts to be a showman for his audience and show the police that it isn’t loaded and shoots into the audience, killing someone in the process. They arrest the magician for murder. News headlines: serial killer caught. Valerie is mentally free from her tormentor.


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