Create compelling characters for the screen

Ex 1: List your 3 favourite movies and their most memorable characters. Why do you respond to this list?
Why do you feel the characters are memorable?
Boondock Saints- Rocco
He’s Just Not That Into You- Gigi
Amelie- Amelie
V for Vendetta- V and Eve
I find that these are movies I can watch over and over and not get tired of them. I think that I respond to these films because the main characters have traits and/or experience a journey that I can relate to. I personify myself as these characters when I watch the films and they fulfill desires that I would like to fulfill.
The characters are memorable in general because they are mostly social outcasts and oddballs, they are funny and amuse people with their quirks and are also, especially with …, people in whom you can see yourself.
Ex 2: What recent movie have you seen, in which the main characters have been generally unchanged at the end?  How did it leave you feeling? We’re the characters memorable? If not, why not?
Battleship- Lieutenant Hopper
Slightly dissatisfied and bored with the story. He just kept doing what ever he felt like doing. It just so happened that in this situation it was exactly what was needed to save the Earth and the other people simply accepted the merit of it at the end.
The movie was only interesting because of the graphics and the concept, but the main character barely changed at all which doesn’t make him very memorable or make the audience follow his journey as strongly as we would a more developed character. The best character in the film in my opinion was the ex-navy amputee who had more character development than anyone else in the film.

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