Character Growth

What happens to Valerie in the story that changes her? What happens to make our impressions of her change?

At the beginning we can see Valerie is a very sensible, moral person though she harbors a severe dislike of ignorance, condescension and rudeness. She is confident and a great showman on stage and off but she has an underlying insecurity and sense of moral obligation to her mum and to her job. She displays traits of wanting to be wild and free but is stuck in her life and job.  She doesn’t know how to progress from it and to take steps to making her dreams come true.

After a series of events that push her to her limits of patience and endurance she snaps. She loses control and does what she has wanted to do for years. She kills the person who tipped the scale viciously and messily. After the rage passes she goes into shock about what she’s done. She processes her feelings and the situation. She initially feels as anyone sane would feel; regret, shame and panic. She becomes delirious in her panic and begins to laugh. In her delirium, the side of her that would normally be squashed and ignored becomes free. She begins to rationalise her actions and believes that they were deserved and she feels it was justified. She begins to relish the fact that she has done away with someone who she could not stand and believed unworthy of life. Elation and relief flood through her and it is in this moment that she develops into someone that we are slightly unsure about. She breaks through her moral boundaries which was one of the main things that kept her normal and average in the eyes of the audience.


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