Character Development

In this post my fictional character, Valerie, responds to 20 questions that will help us become more acquainted with her.

1 How do you feel about your parents? Closer to your mother or father?
I am pretty close to my mum even though I feel like I’m the mother. Dad left us when I was 12 and I had to step up and support her through it. She didn’t handle it well and for years I pretty much had to look after her. Even now, I don’t think she’s completely dealt with it completely. Even though I love her dearly it annoys me that she can’t step up and be a stronger woman.
2 What is your attitude to sex?
I’m pretty free and easy about sex. I’m all for having casual relations as long as the other person has reasonable intellect, and isn’t a creepy, slimy womaniser.
3 What is your attitude to religion?
I hold organised religion in contempt and am disinterested in other peoples views. As long as a person has good morals and values, and knows right from wrong I’m happy to know them. I guess you could say I’m spiritual.

4 What is your attitude to money?
I find it very appealing but only as a means to an end. It’s not a driving force in my life but like everyone I would love to get ahead. I’d really love to be in a financial position to produce my own magic theatre show. It would be the best show people has ever seen with scientists and engineers helping to design and build props for world class illusions.
5 How would you spend a million dollars?
Refer to above. I’d also keep about $100,000 for myself as back up.
6 What are you favourite hobbies?
researching on the net; mostly about magicians and historical figures. I practice yoga. I used to do ballet, jazz and gymnastics. I adore practicing sleight of hand and seeing how much I can get away with. It’s amazing how much you can do without people noticing.

7 What do you hate most?
Ignorance and stupidity. I despise that some people have no value for knowledge. I hate condescending men. I also despise the idea that I won’t make anything of my life; in fact that’s my greatest fear.

8 What is your first impression on others?
I think people initially judge me on my looks. I look after myself and always try to present myself well; you never know who you’ll bump into. As a result I think people mistake me for someone who is just image driven. I think after they meet and talk to me they see that I am not a dope and am a very friendly and quietly driven person.

9 What is your proudest achievement?
One of my proudest achievements was winning the talent show at school just after my dad left. I was emotionally wrecked but I still managed to pull myself together and use my emotions for my dancing. I received an offer to transfer to a school of performing arts but my mum couldn’t afford the fees at the time.

10 What are you most ashamed of?
The fact that I take abuse and criticisms from my boss and I shouldn’t have to.

11 What is your favourite fantasy?
I would love for magic to actually be real. I love imagining about having different powers and how I would use them in my everyday life.

12 What would you try hardest to avoid?
Being seen as worthless, and be stuck in as dead-end job and live in the same place my entire life.

13 Who has had the greatest influence on you?
I read a lot and so I guess emotionally I’ve been greatly mentored and influenced by Paulo Coelho and his intuitive novels. Professionally I’ve been influenced by many magicians, past and present, in particular, David Copperfield, Penn and Teller, and Dynamo.

14 What are you chief taboos?
I guess, Rape? Betrayal is definitely taboo for me. I also cannot stand ignorance and become irate when I encounter it.

15 What kind of person would you like to be?
I’d like to be a free version of who I am now. I’d like to be that carefree, fun person that people love to be around, which I am to a degree but with the hours I work I can’t really go out with my friends. I would also like to be confident and financially free to fullfill my dreams and be someone who actively pursues their passions. At the moment I feel choked and strangled by my financial dependance on my assistant job and the need to be close to my mum to support her.

16 How far away are you from your ideal?
I’m a fair way off from my dreams. I need to master my skills and develop my own tricks. I need to create a following for myself or find a financial backer to fund the show and to create the type of hype needed to hook people into seeing me perform and thereby gather a fan base. I’m dreaming big and I find it hard to know where to begin and how to get there.

17 What, if anything, is worth dying for?
If I died performing my signature trick and was remembered for it, I think that might be worth it. Then I will have gained the acclaim that I crave. Dying for anything though isn’t really my idea of fun.

18 What makes life worthwhile?
At the moment, having my dreams keeps me going and make my efforts worth it. I enjoy this life for what it is at the moment but I know that it’s not meant for me. What I really take pleasure in is spontaneously doing magic for kids. If I’m at the shops I’ll like to surreptitiously make things appear and disappear behind the parents back. They give such honest reactions to magic and I find that beautiful to see and to know that I’ve inspired them to think and wonder.

19 How do you foresee your future?
If I end up get a start in professional show of my own, I see myself traveling and meeting fascinating people from all over the world. Talking and sharing ideas while on the road performing with amazing, talented people. That would be a dream come true.

20 What do you think man’s purpose on Earth is?
Who can really say? Probably just to procreate and help the human species to thrive just like any other living creatures. If we are going deeper I’d probably like to think that we are spiritual beings who are on Earth to experience as much as possible and spread love and positivity for spiritual growth.


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