So you want an iconic moment?

Here is a character I’ve come up with. She is still in the early stages of development and needs better line work, colour and shading, but basically this is the moment that turns her life around.

A Serial Killer Begins

She is a magicians assistant. She is intelligent, impatient with stupidity and very good at sleight of hand and magic herself. She is often quicker than her boss and does not enjoy having to play second fiddle all the time. She also has anger management issues from being talked down to all the time. This moment has taken place after she had a horrible night performing and was walking home. A man did something that tipped her anger scale like never before. She snaps and kills him by stabbing him repeatedly with her stiletto heel. After recovering from the shock she discovers that she isn’t upset or remorseful about what she’s done. In fact she finds herself relieved and content having just rid the world of one low life, idiot. In this moment she realises she can do a lot more and finds new purpose in her life by seeking out and killing criminals and people she deems unworthy of life.


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