Writing Tips!


I was linked this article by my uncle. I think it has a few pointers which would be useful to keep in mind when writing.


I particularly found good advice in the last point. It is so easy to veer off track or go on a tangent about a nonessential plot point. If it doesn’t advance the plot we have to think carefully and be brutally honest about whether it needs to remain in the story or we can rid ourselves of pointless fluff. Sometimes it’s going to be hard because we might be particularly fond of that part. The best screenwriters and story artists fall prey to this all the time.

I attended the Pixar Story and Animation Masterclass in Melbourne last year and it was amazing. An entire day was dedicated to story and we learned about Matt Luhn’s journey in story creation. They, at Pixar, have to be completely honest with each other and keep the main story and purpose in mind, otherwise it’s easy to get lost in beautiful detail and the film loses it’s strength in communicating the story.


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