Research Report – People watching

Observations from Central Station, Eddy Avenue

*Brisk and bustling, toothbrush moustache, downcast eyes as if he is going through his plans in minute detail.

*Tourists, young, clearly foreign. Hopelessly attempting to engage passer’s by. They’re fun and spritely but clearly no one is interested in signing up to save wildlife. Nevertheless, they tirelessly keep up their enthusiasm.

*Tourists are from all over and have wonderful accents though they speak English with perfect fluency; better than a lot of Australians.

*Young man, ‘Fonzy’, full name was Alfonso, medium length dark hair. He is working with the tourists wanders over, curious. He doesn’t try to sell me something. He was curious about what I was doing and telling me I should write about him. He is after contacts for his performing arts business that he and his mum started. They recently moved to Sydney and are after people interested in performing arts to enrol as students. He gave me his website and he asked about JMC and what I did. We had a lovely conversation then he left to get back to work, otherwise he would get into trouble, again.

*Young,  Icelandic backpacker girl was sitting close by listening to our conversation. As soon as Pablo left she asks slightly, shyly, “so what would you write about me?” We have a lovely conversation about Future Music festival and backpacking with friends.

*Two homeless men; one tall, lanky, pants slightly too short, one sleeve of flannel shirt rolled up. He has a crinkly smile but not the pleasant sort. The other man; slightly Indigenous in appearance, scraggly hair, many rips in his worn out jeans. They call to each other indistinctly from afar and point as if they’re organising where they’re going to be standing for the day.

*Elderly Asian man slowly shuffling along. He walks with his worn out thongs half off his feet.


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