What not to do…

What not to do…


I found this great article that might of use to you guys. It’s all well and good to be told what and how to do things but sometimes you need to be shown what not to do to really understand.

I liked the quote: ‘writers would be smart to heed the advice given by author, Pat Conroy,“Write like you’re in love, edit like you’re in charge.”’

I think it is great advice to keep in mind when writing. I certainly am one of those who fall victim to their own tendencies to waffle on needlessly.


One thought on “What not to do…”

  1. This was a beautiful animation. I think this animation goes to show that it doesnt matter how well a piece is made, it comes down to story and heart. The animation and design like you said wasnt the greatest, it was very basic, yet, it was a really lovely short because of the story! I enjoyed it a lot.

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