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When you start to pay attention to the structure of film; really pay attention, you start to see the underlying structure that is present in the majority of mainstream film. The same character archetypes, the introduction to the norm of the character, inciting incident etc. It’s all very similar. You begin to wonder how in the world do you go about writing something fresh? How do you do something new? Everyone wants to do something that hasn’t been done before and the more you study film, it gets both easier and harder to write something original. It’s easier because you come to understand existing work; what works and what doesn’t. It’s harder because you understand how story works and you long to break the norm and do something completely different but it’s difficult to know whether it will succeed or fail. The latter will likely be more common, as the ‘new and different’ is usually rejected by those that do not understand it.
More on this tomorrow…


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